Thursday, December 6, 2007


i just love a good blockbuster once in a while. dendy films are great, y'know arthouse cinema, subtitles, complex narrative... fantastic, love it, gimme more. BUT sometimes there's nothing more enjoyable than just being completely entertained by the spectacle that is a hollywood blockbuster motion picture.

the first of the new series of Batman movies featuring Christian Bale- 'Batman Begins'- was one such experience for me. i went to watch it at the movies and was most excited about the fact that i'd get to eat popcorn. but the movie was FANTASTIC. i've watched it about 10 times now and i could watch it about 3000 times more. it is really so good. so you can imagine my excitement when i saw that the poster for the sequel was released this week...

heath ledger's playing the joker too which should be totes.

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