Tuesday, December 25, 2007

“lets never ever see daft punk again because it will never be as fun”

There lies a beauty which has you glad Daft Punk decided on substance and creativity when they flipped that coin during their first band meeting instead of buying into the hype. A rarity in our times.

Tickets for the Australian Daft Punk tour ‘Nevereverland’ sold more and quicker than any Daft Punk-related event in their history. A Triple J interview with their manager, Pedro Winter (Busy P) revealed that Daft Punk's Sydney appearance last Saturday December 22 was their final show for 2007 and the last to feature the infamous million-dollar pyramid light scheme. There is strong talk that it may have been their last show ever.

Regardless of whether it was or was not, last Saturday, we witnessed one of the best live shows ever and (yesssss) it melted all of our faces off. Daft Punk emerged to the sounds of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and kicked off with an absolutely uncontrollable Robot Rock. The entire set was a sensory overload; a visual spectacular of lights and colours more brilliant than our minds could've ever dreamed up, set to songs that made up the soundtrack of our lives for the last decade at one point or another. All 55,000 people spent 90 minutes mesmerized my the visuals, screaming along to all the words and dancing like it was their job to tracks One More Time, Technologic, Around The World, Da Funk and the brilliant Alive, just to name a handful. Under the stunning backdrop of a clear Sydney night with the moon shining down bright as a spotlight, there were so many cellphones out it would make your headspin. Everyone knew this was something special.

The highlight would have to be the encore, opening with Human After All. At the end, when the duo’s red-lit jackets and helmets came to life after a red beam of light made its way through the triangles and up the pyramid, the crowd erupted and they humbly bowed and nodded their heads thanking us. Crew members said they were “visibly moved” after they came off stage. And with that, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter transformed from robots at the beginning of the night to humans after all.

*photo credit: polaroids of androids

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