Friday, December 14, 2007

Never Heard Of Zeppelin

I am really into diy punk pop stuff at the moment (ie. pretty much anything on NY label Metal Postcard)

Never Heard Of Zeppelin has been releasing stuff online for a while but recently Metal Postcard has taken him on board, mastering some old gems and releasing a 7" called Is This Business. Its low-fi pop/electro/punk blah blah blah the only thing that really matters is that it is good!

Never Heard Of Zeppelin 'This Song' (old version)

I'm loving it! I've also been anticipating a myspace revival, and I think NHoZ is with me

Never Heard of Zeppelin 'Top 8'

Now, to enjoy the sunshine. Sydney is 27 degrees, sunny and uh-may-zing

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