Monday, December 17, 2007

today i am...

so OVER it:

1) when you go to see a band and they play their "hit" that most of the audience has been waiting to sing-a-long too but then they change it justtttt slightly when they sing it (because they're bored playing it for the gazillionth time) so that the audience sings along but the timing is all off. happened last week with a certain band (you'll never guess who) and when the singer broke into the chorus, the audience sang "i was walking with a ghost" and she sang "i was walking with aaaaaaaaaaa- g-hostttt"... just to mix it up.

2)christmas parties/ free drinks... when its 10pm and there’s a lychee martini in one hand, a sleazy text message being sent with the other, and I leave to buy my second pack of malboro lights, trouble is a'brewin (pun).

3)LENSELESS SUNNIES. for fuck's sake.

so INTO it:

1) checking out new sydney superclub 'The Ivy' this wednesday at its opening party. more intrigued than anything by the poolside bar that apparantly has (lychee) martini glasses that float on the water.

2) DAFT PUNK this saturday in sydney. i was listening to their best of this morning whilst walking to work and my face almost melted off. SO MANY HITZZZ!

3) this...

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