Monday, October 11, 2010

Party pages

It’s an honour to be the kind of blog that gets a book deal. The kind of book that leaves pundits wondering which industry - publishing or Internet- is in worse shape. The kind of pundits that get quoted by even worse pundits, whose 0 Comments standard of punditry you come across while doing a retroactive search to find a citation for something you did write but definitely wouldn’t fight for.

So a huge thanks to We Just Pressed Print! Press for offering to publish our blog in book form. It feels great to add ‘published author’ to the section of my CV where I say I once wrote a Hoops bio.

I’d been looking forward to the night of our book launch for several open tabs to many online stores selling numerous expensive variations of clothing I already own. And I felt very pleased with Book. Especially the chapters by sophie, because one of my favourite books is reading back over old blog posts that I’m secretly a little bit too proud of.

It was very special to have ‘eco lodges’ there as our keynote speaker, and I was quite humbled by the address: "Hello, good morning to all, I read his blog yesterday, comparing information, and reach the conclusion, that their information is very professional, I would love to have your blog update about Review of Baz Luhrmann's Australia. Thanks for creating and sharing this information. 玉の輿度チェッカーで簡単にお金持ちの相手をGET出来ますよ!!その理由は登録者を厳選して最低年収を1000万以上の稼ぎが無い方には、御遠慮うようにしているからです。これでアナタもこの不景気に、簡単に玉の輿に乗れちゃいますよ".

It really brought down the eco lodges.

Then I was asked to say a few words. I opened with: ‘Thanks everyone for coming out tonight, and I don’t have much to add except that I really hope this book gets nominated for THE BLOGGER!’ and everyone laughed and laughed because I had said something about Internet while we weren’t at our Internet!! But tirelessly graceful blogger that I am, I decided to rear-end my moment with a frantic… ’Like you know, The Blogger like-as-in The BOOKER’, gurgling a bit, and then having to bend down and pick up shards from a very, very recently smashed glass of wine.

Also pretty kewt was how I was actually THE ONLY BLOGGER who decided to BOTHER TURNING UP. Michaella has moved to New York, what’s everyone else’s excuse?

In fact, the only other guests at the entire event were a mid-30s puffy-faced couple, who’d ended up at the launch because they’d been running late and had missed the play that they didn’t even really want to see. They’d admirably tried to rescue their evening via the aesthetic rhetoric of A Bookstore, but sat agitated in the corner, swapping small comments that were either hopeful, patronising, exhausted or sour; inspecting each other with highly skeptical glances.

They said they didn’t want to have their picture taken, so,

Movestill: Freakin’ Fun Book is available for $34.95 at NO BOOKSTORES BECAUSE MADE UP BLOG POST.