Sunday, February 3, 2008


Not the Korean War inspired TV series, but a new film by Mike Martin and Gabe Mortford.

When I was last in Melbourne I borrowed a friend's bike and a went for a midnight ride around the city. The group I was with kept collecting people as we rode, and ended up with close to 20 bike-bandits riding around the city together. The streets of Melbourne are super wide and flat, and there was no-one around but us... It was very eerie and really fun. It made me miss living in Melbourne. You cant do stuff like that in Sydney.

These guys take riding to the next level. Its like my Melbourne experience, but ten times as full on and ten times and fun, and ten times more credible.

The premiere is being held at The Verona on Oxford Street next Monday, Feb 11. Tickets are free but you need to collect them before the screening - And I suggest you do so asap, as Monster Children screenings usually fill up pretty quickly.

Monster Children is at 10 Burton Street Darlinghurst. And while you're there, check out the PAM tee's on sale downstairs at Supply! Nice!

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