Friday, February 22, 2008

Teyana Taylor

Pharrell LOVES her
Michaella LOVES her
I think you are gonna totes LOVES her

I have been holding onto this for a while, cos I was gonna do a big ol feature thing... but I never got around to it. And considering I haven't posted anything in a decade, its time. I remember a friend cursing when we first started Movestill - "You'll start all hyped and I promise you'll forget the blog even exists three months in.." We haven't lost momentum, we still have ideas, just haven't had time to put fingers to keyboard.

And I am a girl who believes in the notion that good things come to those who WAIT

So. Thank you for coming back. Here you go:

'google me' Teyana Taylor (zShare)

She is 16, choreographed Beyonce's Ring The Alarm video and her most recent performance at the VMAs, she is 16, she's just recorded the film clip for Google Me - which you can watch over at Fader mag , she is 16, and Pharell is releasing her debut From A Planet Called Harlem later this year through his label Star Track.

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