Wednesday, October 24, 2007

bmore of a hipster

I should be writing an essay about Bourdieu... instead I'm listening to D Lake

The first I heard of D Lake was his remix of Gotye's gorgeous track 'Hearts a Mess' from the album Mixed Blood, released earlier this year. After hearing me spin the single on FBi, Daren got in touch and sent me his digital EP 'B More Of A Hipster'. It's not out yet, so you get to hear it first!

I've been meaning to post these up for a while, but have been busy and haven't had the chance. So rather than wait until I have the time to write a proper profile, I thought I should just get them out to you. Each track is reflective of the Baltimore club sounds we love at movestill so... I hope you like them too!

'Dance All Night' Mp3
'Hearts A Mess' Mp3

Let me know what you think! If you love, I'll post some more, and let you know what he's up to. Maybe even include an interview or something fancy like that...


Pierre Bourdieu said...

Get back to work.

Sean said...

I remember reading some pretty interesting stuff by Bourdieu on sports while I was at uni....I also remember being confused.

The oz frog said...

Be more of a blogger!
Me is well bored.

DLake said...

Thanx for the love! hopefully i'll be down in aussie land in the near future!!!


Anonymous said...

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