Tuesday, October 2, 2007

my eyes hurt

What I thought would be a day of celebs, vodkas, electro and celebs was more a blinding headache of orange, pink, green and yellow as centennial park was overcome by fuzzy parklife flurotica!

Where did the music lovers go? Were they hiding among the VIP lounges (also appropriately fluro coloured)? All I saw were super aggressive, super drugged-and-loved-up, super brightly dressed teenagers! I shouldn't feel old at 23, should I?

However despite the aforementioned downfalls, I thoroughly enjoyed Parklife 07! Hot and sunny, and with movestill, FBi and S.Y.L.K! by my side it was, as neha would say, "uh.may.zing"

Bring on summer, bring on the beats and bring on great times with great friends.

Just having a fun,
Michaella x

PS! New Tigarah coming asap! Start getting excited now!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I find these people as annoying as you do, but surely just because they wear fluoro it doesn't mean they aren't music lovers? (Sorry, double negative in there somewhere)