Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sweetpea Home for Karen Walker

I went shopping for a new pair of jeans today. Jeans shopping is always something I dread, as I can never find the right pair... they're always too low, too tight, too saggy-bummed, too short in the leg, too long in the leg, too you-get-the-idea.

So you can imagine my excitement when in Incu Clothing, I was distracted by something wonderful that completely took my mind off bad denim!

My favourite designer Karen Walker (see previous post) has combined two other of my great loves - Owl figurines and pillows - with a range of plush toys! Hoorah!

The collection includes quirky animals, giant fruit and little dolls in exclusive Karen Walker fabrics, each complementing Karen Walker Summer 07/08. All pieces are hand-made by Sweetpea designer Louise Cuckow, and remind me of toys I used to play with at my great-grandmothers house when I was really young.

These are my favourites...

but check out the full range here and here


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