Friday, September 28, 2007

cadence weapon

21 year old Canadian Roland Pemberton is one of those guys who seems a heap older than he actually is! He raps as Cadence Weapon, and tomorrow Big Dada Records are releasing his debut LP 'Breaking Kayfabe.'

His style is direct but manages to remain effortlessly playful, and there is nothing too aggressive about his rhymes either which I really like. And if you like his music, read his blog razorblade runner

A while ago there was a whole heap of collaborative tunes floating around featuring Owen Pallet (Final Fantasy) and Weapon together, recorded from a live CBC radio broadcast. I remember being so tripped out hearing Pallet's This Is The Dream of Win and Regime with rap vocals from Weapon!

The first single lifted off Breaking Kayfabe has been stuck in my head for weeks!


Take a listen, and then watch the clip (featuring all our favourite 90s video games!)

PS. How cute is he?!!

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crafternoon said...

used to LIVE in this guy's alberta hometown. he raps about all the places I used to hang out, so good.