Tuesday, September 18, 2007

oh pugh! thank god you're here!

I've really been losing sleep about what I'm going to wear to Parklife. But THEN I found my new favourite designer! Twenty-something Londoner Gareth Pugh.

Now I'm spoiled for choice!

Apparantly our good friend Anna Wintour is a huge supporter of Pugh too.

Pugh describes his designs as being "about the struggle between lightness and darkness, like Nancy Kerrigan versus Tonya Harding. I find it amazing how ice-skating is this incredibly elegant art form and then there's this one pikey, trailer-trash skater who's a real bitch and has her opponent kneecapped. Also people like Gary Glitter, this old glam rock singer who turns out to be a pedophile."

I just love fashion... le sigh.


Julian's blog said...

Hi movestill:
Wow, pretty outrageous.
If you haven't seen Mark Jacobs new collection, check out the video at my site titled, "scary ragdoll ladies"...

neha said...

I do like that the show went "backwards". Kind of cute.

sophie said...

pugh you neha

Rangga said...

woww.. so rocks

Anonymous said...

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