Monday, September 24, 2007

shocking pinks

Nothing cheers me up on a Monday like new music!

Nick Harte used to drum for NZ duo The Brunettes (just having a I LOVE New Zealand again - see older post) but is now doing solo stuff as Shocking Pinks. DFA released his self-titled record on September 17, and despite it essentially being a remastered re-release of Harte’s two previous albums (originally out through Flying Nun), I reckon he'll be getting more attention than ever, thanks to the juggernaut that is DFA Records.

The album jumps about - shoe gaze, pop, grunge, electro, lo fi - and I really think its great. Here you go...

'emily' mp3
'yes no' mp3

Hope you enjoy!

(This post was brought to you by the pub next door to my new house, and their unlocked wireless. Thanks pub!)

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