Thursday, September 6, 2007

Behind every woman?

the following post is a response to this article.

Coverage in The Guide is a pretty incredible thing. Likewise broadcasting to a nation at 22. So is recording an ep with your best friends slash band AND looking damn hot in a press shot. Kudos Marigliano.

What does kind of suck is the level of importance that Sue Javes holds on Linda's relationship status and physical appeal to her audience ("a totally hot babe"). Thank god she is 'practically married', because I have no idea where half the content in this article would have come from if Linda wasn't dating.

If didn't ACTUALLY know that Linda wasn't the dreamy-eyed bride-to-be, I'd be super confused.

'The 22-year-old is going out with a fellow bass guitar player, Matt Van Schie, from the Sydney band Van She, but marriage is not on the horizon. She is too busy presenting the lunchtime show on Triple J during the week, rehearsing and touring with her own band at night and appearing on the ABC's JTV.'

Does this mean that after the teenagersintokyo finish their EP tour, Linda will have time to get married?
Or is the fact that marriage is not on the horizon, due to the fact that she is ONLY 22?
Hold up, is 22 the age when you start getting 'so you going to marry this guy?' type questions?
Wait, has Sue Javes ever spoken to a young person before?

Javesy, Linda is amazing enough. Don't fog your readers with false ideologies of what Linda COULD find important just because you've done a google search on her boyfriend.


yesyesyesyo said...

I like van she so much, I would totally marry them all.

anna said...

i am 24. i am not married.

i felt bad enough about that before that "javes" went and rubbed it in.