Wednesday, September 12, 2007

enough choice.

I am classic gen y. Pro-active yet impatient, interested yet concentration-less, and... well... already bored of listing further characteristics of my age group.

I love choice, but hate making decisions. (You'd be surprised how often I ring my Dad.)

Anyway, I'm getting overwhelmed with instant messaging services. I already log onto AIM, iCHAT, Skype and MSN, but now I have to think about myspace IM?

Come on. I've already got to much of this shit running... plus my universal password (we've all got one) is gradually expanding into too many variations to keep track of. Do I have to give a copy of all my entry data to my Dad? (You'd be surprised how often I ring my Dad.)

With this sour mood in mind, I hope you can now understand why this American Apparel campaign has done nothing for me.

I know you have the greatest of intentions AA, but I just can't look at your site. I will allow a chosen colour bought for me, but I will do my head in looking at your range.


nina said...

UPDATE: i've just joined

Zie french boy said...

Just lovin' this post!