Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ok. So I work at FBi Radio. That's no secret. What you might not know, is for the past few months us folk at your fave radio station have been sweating blood to find the GREATEST BESTEST NEWEST FRESHEST MOST UNRELEASED REMIXED tunes, and its all been for you! Yep, it's as if your birthdays, christmases and hanukkahs have come all at once!

ITS THE BEAT! 2 CDs of FBi-style goodness packaged into a full-of-punch party box.

Disk 1 features Midnight Juggernauts, Muscles, Dappled Cities Fly, Architecture in Helsinki, Damn Arms, Gameboy/Gamegirl, Bumblebeez and plenty more, plus remixes from DFA, A-Trak, Bonde Do Role , the Presets and FBi’s very own Ajax. Disc 2 is a party jam mash up by new Bang Gang signing Bagraiders.

The special Its The Beat: Vinyl Edition includes four tracks never before released in Australia - the Presets remixing Howling Bells, teenagersintokyo sliced up by Knife Machine djs, plus Teenager taking on Pip Branson Corporation and a remix of Red Riders.

I'm proud of this. Seriously proud. I hope you take a listen, and I hope you like what you hear. In line with FBi’s commitment to local music every song comes with an Australian angle.

Forget the bottle of wine, take THIS to your next house party!

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