Monday, September 17, 2007

bangers and cash

I was quite upfront with a boy this weekend, and although it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, at least I was honest! I think people can be too protective of themselves, and never tell people how they feel, so when I read this at work today, it made me smile. I hope she emails!

In other news. Nina has flooded us with ENOUGH Kanye to last a lifetime. She cant spend long enough on the american apparel website to decide which colour tights to buy but would read endless news reports about Kanye if they were available.

In an effort to save us all from the Graduate, here's the new single lifted off Benny Bianco and Spankrock's debut release as Bangers and Cash

'B.O.O.T.A.Y' Bangers and Cash

Hot, right! It features Black Betty from Kudu, and Santi White and heaps better than this:

I cant wait for the record to drop! Perfect timing for summer bbqs and vodka sodas! The artwork looks like this -

so look out for it online/in stores October 9

Oh! And I know movestill is totally beats heavy at the moment. There'll be a non-hip hop related music post coming soon, promise!

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nina said...

puck you sugarbabes.