Tuesday, September 4, 2007

kris moyes. wonderdirector

He directed my two favourite video clips of this year Buttons by Sia, and Heart It races by Architecture In Helsinki and now he's baaaaaack!

'Microwave' by Softlightes

This video is INCREDIBLE! Its like being invited into the world of those dancing monsters from The Labyrinth and they're throwing a 80's theme glitter party!

Moyes directed Wolfmother’s ‘White Unicorn’ video in 2006, and then defaced the same clip under the pseudonymn 'Banditobruce'. Remember all the chaos that caused?! He's an incredible director, and has become Modular's go to guy for film clips. Check the above links, and then this, this and this and you can see why!


sophie said...

and i'm pretty sure those hands belong to the teenagersintokyo!

Michaella said...

they do - and they got to keep the gloves!