Wednesday, August 27, 2008

diamond girl

I don't understand why she is wearing a bikini, or why she and wayne pretend to be a couple towards the clip's end. gross.

That aside, Cassie's phrasing is so cleaver. She sings around the beat. It may be Ryan Leslie's influence, or perhaps she is just THAT talented. I think it's Leslie:

After being signed in 2003, he is finally releasing his debut record October 21 (49 days and counting.) I am so excited! Three cheers!!!!

With Diamond Girl, and Addiction already out and killing it (both are available from iTunes USA), I am am pretty confident the album is going to be the soundtrack to my Sydney Summer.


Dave said...

R-Les! Diamond Girl is still a classic.

Dude deserves more attn.

Elina said...

Does it really look a lot like some Aaliyah video in the dance routine bit with the bikini or is it just me?..

The Leslie clip is so entertaining!