Sunday, August 10, 2008

this weekend

so i had a much quieter time than last weekend (splendour in the grass)... i was really really sick from friday and have only just begun to feel human. i feel like i don't get sick that often and i'm definitely far from being a hyperchondriac. but this bout of the flu just floored me and i basically thought i was going to die. i had actually begun to feel the onset on thursday night but i was out, there were free drinks and was forced to stay out later than anticipated because of... the lift. ohhhh the lift.... like the lure of the siren song, never what it seems to be yet who among us can resist? so i overdid it and got into a bad state on friday.

where is this all going you ask? i'm going to share a few things i did this weekend while on my deathbed because really, being sick is VERY exciting news for those of us who like to waste time!

1. i watched the olympics opening ceremony. it was extremely well-received by the critics and didn't do too bad at all as far as ratings. i missed the good part with all the theatrics because i was asleep (in a coma) and woke up when all the country's teams were coming out. yawnfest 2008. but once i started watching, i had to stay up for australia who came out third last. so after sitting through five thousand countries (sao-tome principe?) anyway in case you missed it, here's one of the highlights...

2. i was introduced to pavement for the first time PROPERLY with the help of two young men. 'harness your hopes' is amazing. so good to have so much new music to listen to. there's a few bands out there that i have "missed the boat" on and want to at least listen to and make up my mind, over whether the fanfare is justified than to let is pass by altogether. sooooo.... pavement.... tick. and believe me, it's worth it.

3. ok..... i watched (on my laptop obvs) babymama (which was sooooo bad. tina fey, i'm blaming amy poehler, but really...) and you don't mess with the zohan (i haven't finished it yet but it is pretty good. i'm a big adam sandler fan though. and please look out for a familiar face to the movestill community at the paul mitchell salon in the movie)

4. at about 1am on saturday morning i received the sad news of bernie mac's death almost in real time as news was filtering from the chicago hospital he was staying at. a friend of mine was about to get on a flight to the city and sent me a message telling me about it. so sad.

5. i read the following story from on the exquisite jessie baylin's blog. so cute.

i met a spanish man today while sitting at the bar for lunch at pastis in nyc... i was minding my own business, eating my eggplant feta cherry tomato arugula salad, drinkin' my wine.. and this nice young man started to talking to me. i told him he made an excellent choice by ordering the steak sandwich, that it might change his life... he took a bite and agreed.

 i then asked him if he was living in nyc or just visiting? he told me that he was here to "see someone". i asked where she/he was, and he said it was a bit of a story...
 7 years ago he met a woman in madrid. they had some kind of love affair i'm assuming though he didn't really get into specifics. he told me they had made a pact that in 2008, on august 8th (8.8.08) they would meet at 8pm on top of the empire state building.... my heart went a'flutter. i'm so easy..

. he said he had flown here from spain for the weekend, just to see if she would be there, but with no expectation in his heart.

 its just after 8pm on 8.8.08!!! i think she's there :-) i can feel it!

 this is the kind of stuff in like that inspires me.

6. the 10 best lightsabre mash-up's of all time... a whole bunch of videos made by people with lots and lots of time (or with the flu) who have animated lightsabres into movies where there previously were none. BLOGGGGGGG.

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