Friday, November 16, 2007

early winter (summer if you're in australia)

someone: hey neha. love gwen stefani a bit more.

neha: impossible.

i'm also pretty crazy about expert british video director, sophie muller who is responsible for this clip for 'early winter'. she has directed over a hundred music videos and has been a longtime collaborator with acts like gwen, garbage, blur, eurythmics etc. but her entire body of work reads like a 'who's who' of the key players in music for the past 20 years. she has a pretty distinct style and you can definitely recognise her videos pretty much straight away these days (the killers- mr brightside, maroon 5- she will be loved, the strokes- the end has no end)

gwen thanks her extensively in a recent interview...

"i'd like to say that sophie muller is a genius. she is one of my most talented friends. she can and will only do projects that she is inspired by. she is driven by creativity and the love for what she does and as a result she never compromises. i consider her a true artist. i was a fan of sophie's work before I even imagined working with her. after working with her for the first time on our 'don't speak' video, we became close friends. on the set her direction is humble and simple, but she knows what she wants and knows when she gets it. a woman in charge in the male-dominated world of filmmaking makes the whole experience that much more exciting. she has a way of making every cut have a reason and meaning. the videos have a life of their own and become better each time you watch them. i am always in shock the first time i see them and then after a few more times i am actually amazed."

onya soph.

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