Thursday, November 15, 2007

faux pas

I love Tim Shiel.

We've never actually met, but I'm sure if we ever do, it'll be magic!

Tim makes music as Faux Pas.

He's one of the amazing Melbourne artists whose stuff I believe is far more interesting that Wally-De-'Hearts A Mess'-I-have-an-Aria-Baker, but that is unfortunately overshadowed by the juggernaut that is Gotye. Not that Gotye isn't a great artist, I just believe Faux Pas is better. When he independently released his 2006 debut album 'Entropy Begins At Home' I was blown away! It was a simple but layered, carefully considered fusion of pop, electro and crunchy psychedelia.

Its not suprising then, that when I was sent a copy of his new single last week, I was hooked immediately! The chorus line "every time I think I'm the only one whose lonely, someone calls on me" is hauntingly honest but also so cutsey and catchy!

Have a listen
'Bug In Mouth' Pikelet - Faux Pas remix
Yumi and the Sky' Zeal - Faux Pas remix

'Changes' is the first single from his upcoming sophomore record, and has been released with some of Tim's remixes that after floating around for a while on the web are finally available on disk. Pikelet (Melbourne) and Zeal (Adelaide) are two more artists definitely worth your time if you're after some great Aussie talent.

Find out more
and read his hugely entertaining thoughts regarding Daniel Johns' Arias speech here

And I have to apologise for the quietness of Movestill recently, we've all been pretty flat out. We'll be back in full force soon. Promise x

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