Thursday, November 29, 2007

must be love

Today I was asked out on a date via email.

Last week I received an invitation via instant message on Facebook, and the week prior to that, someone asked me out via text message.

The whole geek-chic thing is fine by me, I love having an internet just as much as the next Gen Y and (embarrassingly?) spend most of my time online, but when did it become OK to tech-date? Has my recently-ended-almost-three-year-relationship-to-an-actual-person left me wrongly expectant of real communication? And real touch? Is this what people do now?

2 weeks ago I read about Patrick Moberg, a guy from NY who set up a website called designed to track down a girl he saw (and apparently fell in love with) on the subway. If someone set up something like that for me, I would never catch the train again. Ever. One of the girl's colleagues read the website, put the two of them in touch, and now they are, according to Moberg, "seeing what happens."


What Moberg's website doesn't disclose is that a huge-ass film company has bought the rights to the story and plans to turn it into a movie. Plus, Moberg and his "homeless immigrant" (aka Aussie expat Camille Hayton) have appeared on ABC and Good Morning America, and have featured in newspapers all over the world.

I am inclined to believe it was all a hoax from the start. But perhaps that's where I'm tripping up. If I believed in love-at-first-internet, would I have agreed to those dates?

Probably not.

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