Wednesday, November 21, 2007

oh hellllllllllllll no!

i love oprah. seriously. she's taught me so much about being friends with celebrities, domestic violence, road trips with the old gayle, being southern and... just being a woman in the modern world. her father, vernon, lives in my old stomping grounds- nashville, tennessee. he still owns a barber salon- "winfrey barber & beauty shop" and he works every day. oprah bought the street his shop is on and named it after him. i used to just drive down there sometimes.

my favourite episodes are the dr.oz specials (holy shit! if a guy loses 15 pounds, he gains 1 inch in penis length! mad.) and oprah’s “favorite things” episode, which airs today in america. it's one of the television highlights of the year basically.

click here to see every item on the 2007 list that audience members get for sitting on their backsides for an hour.

some of the things are pretty great but i was kinda surprised to read this on one of the many (!) web-sites that gives tips on how to get tickets to the oprah show:

"one of the most popular shows is oprah's favorite things. this is the show where she gives all of her favorite things to her audience. trying to get tickets to this particular show will definitely take you about two years".

what the herg? two years for a josh groban CD and a swing turtleneck and sailor pants set??? gurrrrrl lemme tell ya somethin... that! oprah!


Mathieu said...

amazing outfits...

Ariane said...

I was under the impression that people didn't know what show they were seeing? Judging by the look of shock on the (invariably) women's faces when she announces that it's her Favourite Things show.

Remember the year when she had an audience entirely made up of teachers? That made me want to be a teacher. Free Josh Groban CDs all round!

sam said...

just having a herg eh? mad!

Michaella said...

I laugh every time I look at that photo of her. EVERY. TIME!

regina said...

i bet she has one in every single color and then some! you go girl!