Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love her way

This past weekend was about three women.

Maxine McKew

Yeah, wow, Labour, Bennalong, evs. I get it. The seat she has taken, or is likely to take, is hilarious. Howard aside, two non-related things kept coming into my mind every time she appeared on the lil' screen on sat night.

1. Imagine the movie/play/musical about her political career if she went even on to be, say PM? She couldn't have asked for a better first act. Apparently Cate Blancette was at her party in EASTWOOD(?), clearly sourcing script ideas.

2. Maxine has the biggest mouth I have ever seen.

Natalie Something-Italian

I had my tickets to the Australian Idol final taken away from me BEFORE I even received them. My initial reaction was to get angry at the person who made the executive decision WITHOUT me, but once she explained that she had seen not one bit of (even vague) interest in this series from me... I realised there actually was no need for me to attend the Opera House Final. Turns out I didn't even watch the show.

All i really new about this series was the Daniel Misfud used to live Michaella's house, and that Kyle was still a c**t. Supposedly, runner up Matt Corby doesn't want to be identified as an Australian Idol artist so is glad he didn't win. Yeah, probably best. That's exactly how it all works... Don't come first so no one remembers you and you can get signed to Ivy League or Modular. Tour with Van She. Fuck, imagine if you HAD won! (Kate DeAraugo anyone?)


Frankie is a tempestuous ball of mad life: she colours in for a living at a large daily newspaper. She lives with Tom, a fallen star chef, now a cook at the local rehabilitation hospital. Just down the road in a much nicer house lives Charlie 35, architect, surfer, emotionally stunted and Lou's father. He's also Frank's ex and Tom's brother. Charlie's remarried to Julia, a woman with firm dreams about her life that are about to come true and scare the shit out of her. Love My Way is an exploration of big characters dealing with the deepest human emotions. Love, hate, truth, lies, jealousy and anger. It deals with the randomness of life and the bloody mindedness needed to carve out a place in the world. These people are family by blood and family by proxy - a web of relationships which are pulled and strained by the strongest desires and contradictions of the human heart.

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Anonymous said...

Frankies hot stuff.
It almost makes me forget about her having a dude's name.