Sunday, October 12, 2008

bottles in the club

lil wayne has really been a laugh a minute recently and his 26th b'day celebrations were no exception. rapper birdman who he calls his "adopted father" threw him a giant bash in miami.

there was a large ice scuplture of his aptly-named label 'cash money records' in the middle of the room holding at least 30 bottles of cristal (about $1000 each).

there were also other "smaller" ice scupltures scattered across the party with $100 bills in them.

BUT the icing on the cake was the birthday boy's present. birdman gave lil wayne a louis vuitton briefcase filled with A MILLI dollars cash money!

big pimpin!

anyway this here is for sophie. of course her birthday party of similar ridiculousness is in the planning stages.


sophie said...

thanks babe!!!!!!!!!!111111

stil hugely not over this song!

sophie said...