Friday, October 10, 2008

heavy heavy chunes... wow

I haven't posted any music on Movestill for a while.

I've been posting music stuffs on my 'music' blog Grey Gardens.

But considering I have 18 readers, 5 of whom are fellow Movestill'ers and a further 3 of which are family members, I thought I should perhaps send this out to a wider audience... That, and this one involves one of our own... The Bumblebeez (shout outttt Lunoez)

Sydney boyf/girlf WOW asked Bumblebeez to rework their latest single Icy Cold. This is what they came up with:

'Icy Cold' BBeeeez remix [z share]

I really like the delayed claps in the intro!

Matt and Bree are playing this Saturday at Candy' Appartment in Kings Cross. Ticketing info is here if you wanna go check them out. They put on an amazing show, even if Doris doesn't think so...

PS. This download is a world exclusive - Don't say Movestill doesn't love you!

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