Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This happened a few weeks ago, but I'm still proud of my untrained legal brain and it's response via email:

Hi Cheryl

I contacted you last week about another broken GHD.

After you failed to reply, I went online and tried to register my product. Turns out it the GHD I bought from you is a fake and there is nothing I can do about it. I contacted GHD and they put me through to their legal department who informed me that they have a history of you selling counterfeit products. Were you aware of this?

As the electronics in this machine is faulty and cannot be repaired, I would like my money back or the GHD legal department will begin court proceedings. They have all your details (from previous complaints) and are CCed on this email.

My bank details are:
Nina E Agzarian

Understandably, I am very disappointed with the outcome of this situation. I am rarely an ebay user, and was under the impression that you were are reliable wholesaler. Please return my money, otherwise I'm sure the legal department will take things much further.


Reacting is often the best thing to do. I never recieved my refund, but at least MAKEMEHAPPY at knows that she HAS virtually hurt me, considering we WERE friends for a good few weeks.

Luckily for me, this is the first time that the internet has tricked me causing a loss of money. And in MAKEMEHAPPY's defence, I did get six good months with a fake GHD.

Not to say that the whole situation wasn't a form of internet abuse, of which I have experienced on many occasions. Take the following emails from a particular ex-boyfriend in year 8:


Look Bitch Don't give me that Shit. I'll fucken cut your tongue out if you speak to me like again that muthafucka. You and your muthfucken lies got you into this shit so you get yourself out of it and don't try and hang all the shit out on me. So back to the fucken kitchen and make me a muthafucken pie bitch before I get a real woman like Charmaine. Oh thats right i already have her.So fuck off and don't talk, email, or write me a muthafucken letter bitch. You mean nothing to me

To which I responded:

I'm surprised you wrote me that letter considering the fact that I'm not a real woman, like Charmaine and I don't mean anything to you. Because if all that's true, you heard wrong. then wrote:

Fine bitch I'll hate you foreverNo skin of my noseI'm not the one sookinwith all my friends aroundme.Get a life bitch.You are nowhere nearthe level of CharmaineI wish I never wasted that pageout of my book to write tosuch a low life whore.Hurry up and die bitch cozthe worlds gonna be a betterplace when you do.

The next email from moosey, is of a different tone.

Hey Nina,Hows it going? Thats good! I am really pisssed off that we lost soccer. Especially that I kicked an own goal. Thats pretty shit that you got grounded for painting your nails. I 'm sorry that your gramps is dying it must be pretty hard for you. I'm really glad that we are just friends too.See ya.

My correspondance with mistermooseman is the only reason that I log into my hotmail account once every 60 days. Sorry, my emails from mistermooseman, Foo Fighter news letters and J Mail.

PLEASE NOTE: does no longer exist. And that mistermooseman is Peter Lloyd, currently residing in US of A. And we dated for six weeks in 1998, said the 'L-word' and then broke my heart with fellow Christain study camp attendee Charmaine. And is probably supplying MAKEMEHAPPY with shitloads of fake GHDS.


Kit said...

i just lol-ed so hard i think i may have peed.

Katie May Ruscoe said...

Jesus christ, is that steve's brother???!!!