Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free party tomorrow night by the beach

Tomorrow night Mish and I at Groupie are hosting a Spunk label showcase.

I never like to advertise my own parties, but Spunk is one of my favourite independent labels and it is rare you can see artists of this calibre performing in Sydney for free

Jack Ladder is an old favourite of mine, having recorded a couple of films for Shoot The Player before he moved to NYC. He's releasing his stunning second record Love Is Gone next weekend, October 25. Below is his live acoustic set at the Wentworth Park dog races in Glebe, Sydney. I have had one evening there and while it was a memorable one, don't really feel the need to revisit... plus, I don't have to when I can just watch the video below - it feels like you right there beside him...

If you live in Sydney, hopefully I'll see you tomorrow night. And if you need incentives to make the voyage via the junction to the coast, aside from the music of course, I have loads of free drink cards to hand out!

Spunk Shop
Firekites Myspace
Jack Ladder Myspace
Rand and Holland Myspace

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