Sunday, August 19, 2007

all i wanna do

is take your money.

Its MIA week! Kala is released on Saturday and is also FBi's Album of the Week. Plus, we just cant get enough of her new bob!

This is an old video, but I'm continuing the MIA theme.

You can also compare her cover of Jimmy with the original, thanks to the lovely Opulent Magazine crew. The dude's stare is intense!

Now, meet Soko.

She is getting a lot of attention at the moment (see FBi Radio and Fat Planet), but if you haven't yet heard her stuff, listen up!

'I'll Kill Her'

Soko is 21, and from Paris. Formerly The Sokos, her partner (in love and music?) left after the release of their debut ep Not SoKute, and she now writes and records solo. Available only on iTunes, Not SoKute shows a refreshing vulnerability and a real gift for storytelling. The first single 'I'll Kill Her' has Soko, slighted in love, seeking revenge on "that bitch" who stole her boyfriend's heart, breaking hers in the process.

I like Soko a lot, I just hope I never do anything to upset her!

More here 'My Enemy' (perhaps the sequel to 'Ill Kill Her'?)

And here


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hianta said...

he was not her lover and she always wrote by herself too.
im glad you guys (girls) like her.