Monday, August 20, 2007

so you think you can internet

it was only a matter of time after nine-eleven that the makers of law and order felt it 'acceptable' to include the events in their plotlines.

the more you watch the show, and the more spin-offs that spin-off, the more you can see the 'acceptable' gap grows smaller and smaller. after this shocking headline, i'm pretty sure facebook will kill someone on CSI Miami in the coming month.

either that, or facebook will end up in a jay-z verse. and will prob feat chris martin. ala Kingdom Come's - BEACH CHAIR.

I don't surf the net
No I never been on myspace
Too busy letting my voice vibrate
Carving out my space

how can you not surf the net HOVA? and more importantly, how the f. do you kill people? COCAINE?

Beirut doesn't have 99 problems. Only 40254 friends.

Levins look, i'm linking Animal Collective. These guys are heaps good and shit.

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