Monday, August 20, 2007

listening to art

What do New Young Pony Club, The Chemical Brothers, Klaxons and The Long Blondes all have in common (apart from the English-ness)? Well over the last year all of them were inspired to write a track about artworks at Tate Modern in London. Artists including Warhol, Rothko and Duchamp were among those that got the musicians’ creative juices flowing. And now the ground-breaking twelve month project is looking for one final addition to the project- ‘Your Tate Track’.

Tate Modern is asking 16- 24 year olds to create music inspired by art from the current Tate Collection. The tracks can then be uploaded to your MySpace page (ooooh how “modern”, Tate Modern) and entered into the competition. The winner will be announced mid-September and the winning track will be installed in the gallery on a listening post next to the work which inspired it. You (obviously the winner will be someone reading this blog) will also fly to London, receive feedback and meet many of the other acts (including James “Peace Now” Klaxons). You’ve only got till August 31st so c’mon people! We got this!

Photos: Nina

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