Wednesday, August 29, 2007

its been six years

I remember walking into Mr Taits art class, hoping for a prac lesson, when my friend Lydia told me that Aaliyah had died. I HAD seen Romeo Must Die, and I sure as hell knew Try Again, I just couldn't seem to picture her. My mind had totally blanked.

Lydia didn't help me. She couldn't remember what Romeo Must Die was actually called OR the Timberland NUMBER freakin 1. She just kept saying 'You know, Aaliyah.' Mr Tait didn't know who Aaliyah was either. Lydia seemed sad regardless, and my street cred was slowly dropping.

Wouldn't happen now, as I've made sure that I know every detail of her phyiscal appearance, just in case I ever get quizzed again.

But yeah, six years.

Pitbull is not dead. He's alive and making crazy/lovable tunes. I'm putting 10 bucks on the fact that he WONT come to Australia this year.

Pitbull - Move Shake Drop (Satisfaction Cover)

In an attempt to RAISE my street cred, I ran into Ice Cube yesterday while walking home.

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