Sunday, August 19, 2007

top of their games

After winning an Esky award for “Best Free Live-Music Site” only a year after its inception, the only way was up for Twice a week, in the middle of hectic touring schedules some of the biggest indie bands screech into Rock Island, Illinois’ tiny Futureappletree Studio One to record live and straight to tape. Cold War Kids guitarist Jonnie Russell recently declared the site to be “one of the last bastions of creative bootlegging.” Not only do Daytrotter give us a wealth of free collectible live sessions, they also interview today’s best independent artists and then post the results alongside fabulous original illustrations. Kudos indeed.

Don’t miss hometown gents Dappled Cities’ session from last week here. It’s a real highlight, and the guys from the web-site didn't disagree- "It was one of the rare sessions that hit us 10 times harder than we thought it would. They made jaws crack against the floor and still have us reeling nearly a month later. It’s a great feeling."

Kinda makes ya proud, don't it?

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sophie said...

Well gosh, I AM proud, which makes up for the cultural cringe i've experienced while listening to 'Mango Pickle Down River' on Kala.