Monday, August 20, 2007

Durrty Goodz

Durrty Goodz is the pseudonym for Dwayne Mahorn, a 22 year old MC from the UK

He first appeared on Stretch with Dizzee Rascal in 2004, and the grime scene blew up with excitement - Dizzee had won the Mercury prize, and it seemed there was now another MC whose double-time beats were just as promising.

Universal Records snapped him up, and Durrty hid away to begin work on his debut album. But. His once estranged brother Crazy Titch (the hidden track on his Axiom EP retells the moment they met, after coming first and second in an MC battle!) was shortly after jailed for murder, and the world decided that was more a more important focus than Durrty's rhymes.

A few years on and Durrty is back, prepping us for his debut album Born Blessed with the recently released Axiom. It was worth the wait! An exciting blend of ragga, grime, dubstep and garage, Axiom heralds him as the new focus of the UK scene - which seems pretty timely considering Wiley's farewell to MCing after the release of Playtime Is Over. Seems for Durrty, playtime has only just begun. Finally, eh!

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