Monday, January 14, 2008


Ummm... do MCs get much hotter?

I was totally intrigued when I first heard Catherine Kelleher was MC'ing as Catcall. She's been gigging for years with her punk band Kiosk but last year decided pop beats are her thing and started work on her debut EP 'The Anniversary'

Recorded in Melbourne with Geoff O'Conner (Sly Hats, The Crayon Fields) and her producer Crumbden K, the release blends pop, ambient electronica and hip hop and is ready for release via her myspace. Catherine has a self-awareness that is confident and guided but without arrogance, and a vulnerability that is charming rather than amateurish. This honesty is what I adore about Catcall, as pop/hip hop MC's often claim to be the best, the hottest, and the best connected without ever having the beats or lyrics to back themselves up.

Sit down, grab a drink, right click and 'save as'

'August' Catcall
'Chicky Babe' Catcall (Her Uffie diss track!)

She is supporting Dan Deacon on his Aussie tour ahead of the Laneway Festival and I encourage you to go see her live show - she is captivating to watch on stage, AND has costumes, glitter makeup, and backup dancers!

Australia needs more powerful female MCs. Catcall is talented, smart and a learned performer. I just hope the rest of the world see's how fucking incredible her stuff is!


CATCALL said...

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