Sunday, January 13, 2008

so good it should be fattening.

My friends will tell you two things about me- i hate being cold (irrelevant) and i get really excited about things i like.

Enter Beirut.

Yes I'm late on this one (probably because A-track hasn't remixed him) but better late than never.

I woke up this morning after being at a beach party until sunrise not expecting much of the day. I went to brunch where the new Beirut record 'The Flying Club Cup' was playing. It ripped my heart out. I had to find out who it was immediately.

Later this afternoon, fellow Beirut aficionado and movestiller Sophie lent me his entire back catalogue and it floored me.

22-year-old Zach Condon attended Santa Fe High School, where he was a student until he dropped out at the age of 16 to travel Europe where he was first exposed to Balkan gypsy music. He wears these influences on his sleeve as his songs are like the lush score to a movie about Gypsies and bohemians, steeped in the brass bands of Eastern Europe and former Soviet bloc iconography.

After starting the day feeling hungover and hopeless, his music made me want to continue it with a sense of class and dignity. It made me want to smell fresh flowers and buy a vintage brooch and look at old family photos and watch a black & white movie and say 'i love you'.

Watch the video for 'Postcards from Italy'... especially from 2 minutes 3 seconds.

Or have a listen to 'Nantes' and 'A Sunday Smile' here on his myspace.

You wanna know the best thing about all this? The TIMING. Beirut plays at Manning Bar in Sydney on March 5. I'll probably go.

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Michaella said...

guyamas sonora melts my face off
too incredible