Friday, January 4, 2008

i heart january

I've just seen in the NY in Melbourne.

While it was a tonne of fun and I really miss living there (the architecture, fabulous and careless fashion and amazing support for the arts) I'm pretty happy to be back home.



Someone asked me yesterday why I cared about Sydney Festival. I cant blame them for asking, they're from Melbourne.

Shows from Bjork, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, Mice Parade, Joanna Newsom, Battles, Girltalk, Caribou, Tunng, Lady Saw, Spankrock and La Clique are why I care!

Another is tomorrow's Festival First Night, with free concerts and performances in and around the CBD. Spankrock are playing in Phillip Street, Plump Djs and Chromeo will be performing in Martin Place, and Brain Wilson (Brian Wilson!) and Paul Kelly are live in The Domain. And thats just the launch evening! Wow, right?

If lack of sleep gets me down over the next month, I'll just call my Melbourne friend... But somehow, I think I'll be alright

To celebrate, here's a reworked Spankrock remix from movestill's good friend and Daddy Dj Spruce Lee

Ratatat 'Wildcat' Vs Spankrock 'Backyard Betty' (Spruce Lee re-edit)

Tomorrow's launch does however highlight the fact I am now only 2 weeks away from my haircut by children. See previous post, and get suggesting. Beehive? Twiggy-style bob? Shaved head? I'm yours for the cutting!

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