Saturday, January 5, 2008

Girl Power

Uffie is performing at Sounds on Sunday tomorrow and while I love her style, I wish she could record a good track. She whines unoriginal rhymes, is useless on-stage and hardly does Feadz beats justice (no pun intended!)

What I find most frustrating is that Uffie is getting as much attention, if not more, than Kid Sister, but Kid Sister actually has skills! Unlike Uffie, whose rhymes are arrogant and repetitive, KS is a wonderfully charismatic performer whose lyrics are thoughtful, catchy and well written. And she is just so beautiful and charming!

Here she is explaining why Kanye decided to rap on her first single.

Want more? Bag Raiders have recently finished an exclusive remix of her debut single 'Pro Nails' which you can download free from Fools Gold or rcrdlbl

With the power of indie Chicago hip hop (her brother J2K of Flostradamus and boyfriend A-Track) behind her, my fingers are crossed that she surpasses the Uffie/Ed Banger juggernaut asap and really gets the attention she deserves in the US.

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