Thursday, January 10, 2008

Glass Candy / Invisible Conga People

My new favourite band is Glass Candy.

I know I play favourites a lot... kind of like someone who decides she wants to be your girlfriend, but as soon as you take her home to meet your parents, claims things have become "too serious", dumps you and starts dating your best friend. But, whatevs. I know what I like, I just happen to like a whole heap of different things!

Glass Candy released a mini LP Love, Love, Love in 2003 and the B/E/A/T/B/O/X EP last year through Italians Do It Better. I'm hating on myself for not having discovered them earlier, but better late than never.

Johnny Jewel is responsible for the music, Ida No is the vocalist. I've been obsessing over the 80's nostalgia and Italo-disco flavour of their EP. Ida's vocals are effortless and so sensuous, and the precise simplicity of the synth and drum drives the melody just enough, without being too obvious or too kitsch. If I was DJing in a club at 4am after a big big big night and everything was winding down, I'd play this

'Candy Castle' Glass Candy

Their sound is similar to new tunes from Melbourne band The Emergency (with Metal Postcard) or the latest Chromatics album 'Night Drive' (also on Italians Do It Better.) Johnny Jewel is actually producing Chromatics tracks, so it all makes sense, really.

'Beatific' Glass Candy

Glass Candy label mates Invisible Conga People are also driving me wild! Their debut is due out in February, but here's a sneak peak...

'Cable Dazed' Invisible Conga People

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rapeepat said...

Thank You for Your Song. I like Glass Candy.In Thailand have not this album.
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You So Much.