Friday, January 4, 2008

mix tapes

You should download these mixes for your next Ipod beach session.

They will change your life.

ONE: Perks and Ransom 'Pizza And Mezze'
TWO: Perks and Ransom 'Space Train'

I remember listening to one of these when I worked in a clothing store called Alfies a few years ago. When I left the shop, I accidentally left the mix behind and I'd forgotten all about it, until the aforementioned Melbournite gave me a copy last week!

MEGA thanks for these go to Richard Campbell and Declan Kelly, whose site gives them an online home. Check out the site, then bookmark it, you know the drill

OH looking at that picture of the pizza is making me hungry...

1 comment:

radgeradge said...

hey thanks for this friend
i have the P.A.M. mix 005 and was keen to hear the other ones