Friday, May 16, 2008

aussie, aussie, aussie

i'm really excited by all the attention that the above acts are getting at home and overseas. cut copy, midnight juggernauts and the presets are without a doubt three of my favourite acts of the past year and i'm really proud that they're all homegrown. we've seen them rise to the success they are achieving now through years of writing, recording, touring and maturing as musicians as opposed to a breakout hit or an ipod commercial. cut copy and the presets have both cracked the number one spot on the album charts with their tasty sophomore efforts, 'in ghost colours' and 'apocalypso' respectively. chaos!

anyway they all also like remixing each others songs which i thought would be some fun stuff to download.

i think below is everyone "doing" everyone... but i'm not sure... never was great at maths. number+ logic=headache.

cutters take on presets

juggers take on cutters

presets take on juggers

cutters take on juggers

juggers take on presets

*update: ok there's no presets take on juggers


kain(e). said...

great posting! keep it coming :)

yesyesyesyo said...

Nah...not everyone is "doing" everyone...
Missing Presets take on cutters.

neha said...

thanks frenchie.