Monday, May 26, 2008

Flying Lotus - Part 2

This is a great video that ties in nicely with last week's Monday feature: Stephen Ellison talking to XLR8R (bookmark it and order issues online) about Super Mario (and a few other things, like his Aunt Alice Coltrane for instance!)

I am the 'Nintendo' generation, but rather than repeating my previous yarn about how I feel completely removed from 1980s computer game culture (I think I was at the park riding bikes) have a listen to Ellison's thoughts. He is much more interesting!

Elsewhere, rcrdlbl is hosting a Soft Circle track for free download. If you're a fan of Black Dice, Bharoocha used to play with them but went solo a while ago and is making incredibly diverse and exciting stuff. Some of his stuff is all heavy bass and fast, repetitive snare and others are gentle and ambient and sound like an entirely different performer! You can buy his (HIGHLY recommended) debut Full Bloom through Eastern Developments now.

Also, Kanye recently posted a J Dilla tune he worked on in 1991 which plays with the classic Gary Numan synth number 'Cars'. Hopefully Stones Throw release the album of Dilla material this year... they've been sitting on it long enough! (And PS whats with all the home design posts? Is Kanye getting clucky??)

In other news, I am coming to NYC in January and will be looking for ways to keep myself busy! Please help!! If you think you could put me to work in some capacity or another, please shoot me an email (nb: I will cook for work. I make a mean rasberry friand and my risotto will melt your mind!)

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Anonymous said...

do you think they would be better if mr. oizo remixed everyone of their tracks?