Tuesday, May 13, 2008

new beginnings

Apologies for being a little quiet lately... I've been watching Gossip Girl, downloading Season 2 of Ugly Betty, listening to Teyana Taylor and generally being all SASSY POP. Finally though, news came through which was enough to pull me out of my indulged rich-NY-teen-fantasy

1. James Pants is releasing his debut album next week through Stones Throw (last year's Pants remix of 'gotta get rid of rick' by Baron Zen BLEW MY MIND and was so disco and so pop and so catchy and so listenable - I am amazed that I can still listen to it without tiring of the opening drum sequence before the snare beat drops. BEAUTiful! I think I may have already posted this last year, but its so good it deserves a second run 'Kash' James Pants (ZShare)

2. I watched this again

3. I received confirmation I'm interviewing Snowman and Tricky within 24 hours of each other this week (LOVE being a journalist) Pitchfork's Snowman Lanweay props last year were so wonderfully accurate and I really hope big things happen for them when they relocate to Europe following a national tour through may. And Tricky... well... I have no idea where to even start with that!

Good things happen in three, right?

XOXO G.G (I'm up to Georgina's return - and OMG, if it isn't Buffy's little sister!)

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