Wednesday, May 7, 2008

coachella round-up

so i just got back from coachella. here are observations from my trip to L.A. and the desert...... (flash-back)

- coachella is the best and most beautiful festival in the world. period.

- the national are SO good. jack johnson is so boring.

- diplo killed it.

- i was the only one out of my friends who didn't know who sharon jones and the dap kings were but they were really great. a true perfomer.

- black lips set their guitars on fire.

- the coachella "beam" lights were the coolest idea!

- santogold was one of the stand-out's from the whole weekend. loved every minute of it. her two dancers are way sexy too.

- spankrock didn't perform because naem was sick so amanda blank filled in with 5 minutes notice.

- cut copy are really big in america.

-M.I.A. made her own dress and it didn't fall apart. she also killed it and i've never seen a tent packed that much. why she wasn't playing the main stage is anyone's guess.

- cold war kids new stuff is sounding really great and they pulled a huge crowd on the main stage despite the IMMENSE desert heat on saturday afternoon.

- MGMT = no comment.

- was i the only one that enjoyed kraftwerk?

- the verve/ portishead- hearing the classic's was good but live show was pretty dull.

-no matter where you are, you'll always run into people from home. there was also a whole group of people with australian flags singing "aussie, aussie, aussie" all weekend.

- hot chip, chromeo, justice... tick, tick, tick.

- simian mobile disco had everybody dancing.

- roger waters was epic.

-models love a good festival.

-prince was the best thing ever.

-always remember what parking lot you parked in so you don't spend 3 hours looking for your car.

-there's not actually any fashion in the 'fashion district'.

- mexican food is so good. but it's best not to overdo it.

-the church of scientology is everywhere you look. this was the view from the smoking section of the club cinespace. talk about brainwashing.

- don't believe the hype. forget hotel roosevelt. the only place to go if you want to "celeb spot" is the supermarket 'Ralph's'.

-girls dress kinda skanky.

- don't ask someone in compton where hollywood is... "hollywood????!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!"

-going to a tv show taping is BORING. making an excuse that you need to go to the bathroom and then trying to escape won't work because you have to "sign out" and walk through security.

-get a rental car. people in LA don't know how to deal with pedestrians. on the first day there, i was crossing the road at a stoplight and a car literally just kept rolling towards me, as if it didn't know what was happening and why there was a human on the road.

-H&M is overrated. forever 21 is where it's at. Oh and target too.

-them jeans is really really tall. and i'm kinda short.

-i love silverlake.

-there are lots of sneaker stores.

-the hills is the most addictive show on television but i DON'T KNOW WHY! they don't even talk. they just stare at each other and move their necks.

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