Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kid Cudi

For months Ive been referring to Ohio artist Kid Cudi as "Kid Coo-di"... damn Aussie-vernacular - all 'U' sounds become "ooh"


Since Cudi (pron. like "cut" for the Aussies in the audience) released his Day N Night 12" a few months back the world has been going a little insane for his wonderfully crafted lyrical rap. The thing I love about him (apart from his tunes and the fact that he is GORGEOUS of course) is that he has this aura of fame and status, and hasn't even released an album yet! And good on him, I say. Rather than proving himself within the industry, he knows he's good and doesn't feel he needs to convince anyone of it.

Check out the promo video for his latest mix tape A Kid Named Cudi at the Fools Gold Blog - it should be dropping in the next few weeks (but if you search beyond movestill you'll find singles and previews all over the net)

There is also a short feature of Kid in the most recent issue of The Fader

And while I'm here I have to say (despite my love of her work in Stiffed and as Santogold) I am tired of Santi White claiming music journos are "racist" for comparing her stuff to R&B records. Surely the hip hop references stem from her involvement with Switch, Disco D, Spankrock and Diplo? And, perhaps, the fact that there ARE notes of r&b through the record... Shes probably joking, well I hope she is anyway!


Anonymous said...

your banner would be cuter if it had the kid cudi crookers remix waveform in it.

Michaella said...

wellll how about some HELP what SHOULD it look like?

I dont know if crookers and cudi would appreciate us 'appropriating' their imagery...

just having a redesign

Anonymous said...

I dont think you are comprehending what its like for a black female singer in america to be not singing R&B and having to deal with journalists. there is nothing about Santi that is modern R&B. there are no notes of R&B on her record at all. or maybe its your interpretation of what R&B is... I'd say her viewpoint is pretty correct. how about the ones that call her "black rock" is that not racist either?

Michaella said...

You do make a good point - I can't really relate to her position at all. I do hear tones of r&b through the album, as do the journalists who've made those comparisons I assume, but I guess that again is wholly dependent on what my understanding of r&b is.

And I haven't seen her described as 'black rock' that is insane!

Pase Rock said...

Keyshia Cole is R&B, Mary J. Blige is R&B, Beyonce, Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and Rihanna for the most part is R&B. where does Santogold fit in that? oh yeah, she sings too, and black just like the rest of them. must be R&B?

that's why she says it's racist. she has nothing in common musically with any of those artists. A white journalist making that connection is clearly disconnected. and drawing lines racially. I mean what else are they connecting it with?

Pase Rock.