Friday, May 30, 2008

study amy

I am sitting in a University computer lab, black gown, cap and fake-fur trimmed cape on the table beside me, about to graduate.

I wish that this had been in my final exams, I'd be graduating with HIGH-class honours (geddit! High! ahh...)

NB: For some really weird reason this computer doesnt give me the option of including any links or images (Maybe 'anonymous' movestill commentator can tell me why this PC doesnt allow codes? Clearly a Mac lover (maybe they'll advertise on the site?), I dont understand these 'hp' computers...)

I cant claim credit for this Winehouse find - dues go to The Lipstar ( The website launched a few weeks ago and is super wonderful! If you love pop culture, but not in the 'OK' way, check it. I'm sure you'll love what you read

Love and graduation,

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